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Green beans - heating instructions

Green beans

1. Place the bag on a flat plate
2. Place in the microwave and warm at 2 minute intervals until hot. Timing will differ depending on your microwave
3. Empty the contents of the bag into serving bowl
4. Enjoy

On the stove
1. Warm a suitable sized pan
2. Add the contents of the bag into the pan
3. Sauté until warm, add a 100mls of water and a lid and allow to steam
4. Cook for a few minutes until the beans are cooked
5. Enjoy

In the bag
1. Bring a pot of water to the boil
2. Ensure it is only filled to a maximum of ¾ to allow for the food bag to go in
3. Place the bag in the water and allow to simmer for 5 minutes
4. Gently remove the bag from the water
5. Cut the top of the bag
6. Pour the contents into serving dishes
7. Enjoy

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